English Cream Golden Retrievers - Long May You Run Kennels

Mr. Brown of 2013 Fall Litter

Son of Lido and Lillybell

English Cream Golden Retriever - Mr Brown
Litter of Golden Retriever Puppies Playing Outdoors
Puppies Running towards you
Outdoor Puppy picture
Cutest Puppy Ever
Mr Navy
Mr Yellow
Fall Puppy

Fall Litter 2013 Lido and Lillybell

7 Boys and 2 Girls

cadillac puppies

Christmas Litter 2012

Lido and Lillybell's Litter of 9 Pups

White Golden Retriever Puppies

Miss Pink

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam

White Golden Retriever Puppy

Mr. Black

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam


Miss Aqua

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam

Golden Retriever Calendar

Mr Brown

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam


Miss Navy

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam


Miss Yellow

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam


Miss Purple

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam


Miss Scarlet

Lido - Sire / Lillybell - Dam

Female English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy


Sire - Imported from Holland


Christmas Golden Retrievers



Lillybell playing Peek-a-boo



Lillybell playing in the snow


Golden Retriever Puppy playing in the snow

Lido as a puppy

Lido age 9 Weeeks

English Creeam Golden Retriever Puppy Lido

Lillybell as a puppy

Age 12 Weeks


Welcome to Long May You Run English Cream Golden Retrievers


Lido & Lillybell Puppies Due August 2014

Puppies to go to their forever home September/October 2014

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***Stud service available with Lido***

Breeders of English Cream Golden Retrievers

Breeders of English Cream Golden Retrievers, this fall we will have English Cream Golden Retrievers for sale.  We are a small hobby breeder located in Georgia.  Breeding is not our source of income.  We breed for the love of dogs and the betterment of the breed. Our happy and healthy dogs have plenty of fresh air to breath and space to run and play at our home.  Each day we spend time playing and caring for them with great joy.  We do not believe in kennels.  Our dogs live in our home, sleep on our beds, and curl up in our laps or lay at our feet. We are honest, ethical breeders who make it our priority to produce sound, top quality show and pedigreed puppies with the wonderful laid back Golden temperament.  Our dogs have some of the best championship bloodlines in the world with pedigrees including kennel names such as Dewmist, The Morning Valley, Ashbury, Styal, and Du Bois De La Rayere. Many Best in Show and Best of Breed titles are in their bloodlines. We firmly believe that, as with any large breed dog, nutrition & environment are vitally important in order to assure yourself a quality golden that will provide years of enjoyment & make a valuable addition to your family. Our puppies are born & raised inside our home with much TLC & socialization.  All of our puppies have a veterinarian exam along with all age appropriate vaccinations prior to leaving for their forever homes. We are also passionate about blessing families with a puppy whose temperament, health and beauty will bring them joy for many years. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your new family member with complete peace of mind about your decision to welcome one of our precious golden retrievers into your home.